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My Story

This is the first time I am putting my story on paper. I am ready for the world to see that anyone, no matter how intelligent, can have an undiagnosed vision issue that can be easily detected and easily treated and save years of aggravation, low self-esteem, stress, and frustration.


I was a child who was suffering.


I was a straight A student up until 10th grade, and then my visual system completely collapsed, and I could not keep up with the increased workload that continued to challenge me. I could not study and remember the information even though I worked twice as hard as anyone else in my class. My self-esteem started to deteriorate, and I had no answers as to why this was happening. I barely scraped by during undergrad and had a very challenging time during optometry school.


That's where the story unfolds...


After failing my part II Board Examinations 3 times, it was suggested to me that I may have ADHD. So I met with a psychiatrist who quickly prescribed medicine and cognitive therapy. It was not until I met my mentor, Dr. Robert Sanet, who upon an eye exam was dumbfounded by my tenacity for trying so hard. I will never forget the words echoed after my first ever developmental eye exam (at age 28)..."Dana, I don't know how you got through optometry school!"


My words amidst tears followed..."you mean to tell me that I am not stupid?!"  That was the turning point in my life. I immediately began Vision Therapy with Linda Sanet for the next nine months, and upon taking the boards for the 4th time, I passed with flying colors!  I spent the next four years learning everything from Dr. Sanet who finally told me it was time to start my own practice!


I am very passionate about what I do because I have been there. I encourage all of you reading this to be open to the possibilities that despite how smart your children may be, they may be suffering from an undiagnosed vision issue which can wreak havoc on their lives later on. There is no need for them to overcompensate their entire life when it could be trained while they are young.  Vision Therapy comprises 100% of my practice specializing in working with patients with visually related learning difficulties, special needs, stroke victims, as well as traumatic brain injuries.  I am also very passionate about parent education and offer many opportunities to lecture on vision and learning.  When not in the office helping my patients, I am celebrating life with my two precious young boys.


I am also in the process of designing one-of-a-kind eyewear. Stay tuned!


Our office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please call to schedule.


We change lives, one patient at a time.


Looking forward to being able to give your family the gift of what Vision Therapy is all about.


With Gratitude,

Dana Dean, O.D.

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