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Dear Dr. Dean,

            Thank you for helping me to improve my vision. Before Vision Therapy, it was difficult to read and write because the words jumped around on the page. I also saw double. Now, after Vision Therapy, I see clearly. It is easier to read and learn at school. I don’t see double anymore. It is also easier to sit still.


            Thank you for helping me to see clearly.


San Diego, CA

"It's phenomenal how much my cognition has improved in the first 6 months of Vision Therapy with Dr. Dean. I spent 18 months struggling after a car accident with massive vertigo, daily headaches, extreme fatigue, memory loss, speech impediments, inability to read for more than 15-minutes, clumsiness, etc. With clear MRIs and specialists who presumed my issue was psychological - meaning steeped in depression as a result of a motor vehicle concussion- Dr. Dean diagnosed me differently and said my symptoms were classic symptoms related to a head injury and having connections knocked out between my visual center and my brain.  I am still undergoing therapy but my vertigo and headaches are gone, my physical and mental stamina have improved significantly, and I feel empowered and supported.  Massive improvement within 6 months thanks to Dr. Dean.  She is giving me my life back.


San Diego, CA

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